Marco Mastrorocco

Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach

About Marco Mastrorocco

Marco Mastrorocco,is a former professional fighter (Kickboxing) under one of the most respected organizations- W.A.K.O. (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) – with several national and international achievements; he is now the Head of Strength&Conditioning for WAKO AUSTRALIA.

Marco was born with the “call” for coaching and devoted his adult life to better his professional skills, not happy of being only a Master Trainer in Kickboxing, he went on becoming first a Personal Trainer and then an accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA).

After almost two decades of experience Marco decided to focus on Kids helping them with his protocols creating a long term relationship with Sport and movement, fighting the emerging crisis of inactivity amongst youth.

  • 3rd degree black belt (WAKO 2005)
  • Master Trainer in all Kickboxing styles
  • Italian Kickboxing Champion (2001/02/03/04)
  • Bronze Medalist at WAKO European Championship
  • 10th in WAKO PRO World Ranking (2004)
  • Kettlebells Seminar – Parma, Italy (2008)
  • Kickboxing seminars – Ibiza, Spain (2009)
  • Kickboxing Seminar – Sheffield, UK (2010)
  • Functional Training Seminars for Technogym – Lagos, Nigeria (2011)
  • Strength and Conditioning Seminar – Liverpool, UK (2011)
  • Kettlebells and Performance Training Seminars – Maceio, Brazil (2012)

    His talent and distinctive feature of ‘ thinking out of the box’ got him chosen to write a column (as Performance Coach for Combat Sports) for almost 2 years for a prestigious sport magazine (Muscle and Fitness) sold worldwide.

    Courses by Marco Mastrorocco